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Johnston's Subaru Facade
Middletown, NY

Owner: SJAR Realty
Architect: Anderson Design Group
Completion Date: February 2021

Hannaford Supermarket
Wallkill, NY

Owner: Delhaize America
Architect: Bergmann Associates
Completion Date: June 2019

Montgomery, NY

Owner: Penske Truck Leasing Co.
Architect: K/G Architects
Completion Date: December 2018

Johnston's Toyota 
Middletown, NY

Owner: CJAR Management Corp
Architect: Anderson Design Group
Completion Date: October 2017

Hannaford Supermarket
Walden, New York

Owner: Hannaford Bros. Co.
Completion Date: May 2014

Construction of a new 35,000 square foot supermarket.

Coach USA
Chester, NY
Owner: Hudson Transit Lines, Inc.

Architect: Edward M. Weinstein Architecture & Planning, P.C.
Completion Date: 2014

200,000 square foot bus maintenance facility and office including extensive site development of 50 acre

Do it Best Corp.
Montgomery, NY


Owner: Do It Best Corporation - Fort Wayne, IN
Architect: D.A.N. Associates - Montgomery, NY
Completion Date: 1999

390,000 Square Feet, Warehouse: Pre-Engineered Bldg. Office: Structural steel and masonry walls

Hannaford Supermarket
Carmel, NY

Owner: Martin's Food of Burlington, VT
Architect: Hannaford Brothers
Completion Date: 6/1/2007


Hannaford Food & Drug
New Windsor, NY

Owner: Hannaford Bros. Co.
Architect: Hannaford Bros. Co.
Completion Date: 11/28/2003


FedEx Freight East, Inc.
Montgomery, NY

Owner: FedEx Freight East, Inc.
Architect: Harry N. Pharr Architects & Planners - Warwick, NY
Completion Date: 7/15/2003


Central Hudson

Sidewalk Replacement / New Concrete Stairs

New Windsor, NY


Owner: Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Architect: The Swartz Architectural Group, PC

Completion Date: January 9, 2012


The existing sidewalk was removed.  A new concrete stairs with railing and electric snow melt system was installed.  A second sidewalk in the vicinity was similarly replaced. Interior building renovations and window replacements were performed concurrently. 


Johnston's Toyota
New Hampton, NY

Owner: Steve Jardine
Architect: Harry N. Pharr Architects & Planners
Completion Date: 11/3/2003


Johnston's Toyota Showroom
New Hampton, NY

Owner: Steve Jardin
Architect: Harry N. Pharr Architects & Planners
Completion Date: 3/15/2004


Middletown Honda
Middletown, NY


Owner: Middletown Honda
Architect: Harry N. Pharr Architects & Planners
Completion Date: 7/31/2004


Applied Systems Technology, Inc.

Cornwall, New York


Owner: Applied Systems Technology, Inc.
Architect: Harry P. Pharr Architects & Planners - Warwick, NY
Completion Date: 2001

You should be extremely proud of the organization you have built and the reputation you have established in the Hudson Valley. It is rare these days to have a company exceed your expectations, but in many ways, that is exactly what you did for us. David Reiss, President & CEO Applied Systems Technology, Inc.


Furniture Options
Goshen, NY

Owner: Furniture Options
Architect: Harry N. Pharr Architects & Planners
Completion Date: 4/1/2004


Mobile Life
New Windsor, NY

Owner: Mobile Life Support Services
Architect: Marshall Rosenblum
Completion Date: 2009


Scenic Technologies

New Windsor, NY


Architect: D.A.N. Associates

Completion Date: 1998


130,000 square foot renovation and addition.  This carefully planned renovation project included high tech offices, set fabrication areas, a high set demonstration building, shipping and receiving.


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